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Congratulations!   You have found the website for Lenox Homes and Realty, and our new remodeling company Lenox Renovations.

Lenox Homes and Realty is a local Memphis and North Mississippi building company that has thousands of satisfied customers. Our range of specialization is from first-time buyers to empty nesters, and our mission is to match our buyers to their personal housing needs.

Our reputation is among the best in the industry with quality work and attention to detail.  Follow-up customer service is rated excellent by our customers, and is a tribute to the knowledge and concern of our employees.

Please browse our site for current subdivisions under construction and builder closeout where finished homes offer generous bonus incentives.

Chris Christian, Owner

P.S. As you might know, the economy has taken it’s toll on a lot of building companies, and we’d like all our customers, and future customers to know that we are solid, and will be around to sell and service our customers. Our Bankers love us!

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